Turning Waste Hydrocarbons into Digital Assets.

Metcalfe Energy bridges the gap between the oil & gas industry and the technology industry.

About Our Company

Globally 13 billion standard cubic feet of natural gas is flared every day by the oil and gas industry worldwide, this is equivalent to 60 gigawatts of potential electricity generation. In addition many hydrocarbon deposits remain undeveloped because of infrastructure constraints. Meanwhile the global data centre and crypto currency mining industries consume 50 gigawatts of electricity globally, nearly 3% of global demand, and are undergoing exponential growth.

Metcalfe Energy aims to bridge the supply of undeveloped and waste hydrocarbon deposits with the growing data centre and cryptocurrency mining industries.


Using engineering expertise to minimise capital expenditure and maximise economic return in a safe and sustainable way.

Deal Making

Our expert negotiators can buy natural gas for a fraction of the prevailing market price.


Metcalfe Energy is uniquely positioned to not only take advantage of our Mexican opportunities but also grow globally.


Metcalfe energy will scale its business using a ‘software first’ approach in order to reduce corporate overheads and remain dynamic.

Connecting Supply and Demand

The global data center industry is projected to consume between 10% and 20% of global electricity supply by 2030. Metcalfe energy aims to meet this market demand by becoming a 100 gigawatt energy supplier to the technology industry using flared gas and undeveloped hydrocarbon deposits.


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